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  • Here you can make Dota 2 betting, CS GO betting, and also put real money on other popular esports. To bet DotA 2, CS GO, LOL, or StarCraft 2, go to the corresponding website - and select the betting site where you want to bet on.
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  • Finally, the site was created by people from e-sports. We still remember the roots and support the cybersport scene with all our might. We only accept bets on eSports and the most important world events.

Best eSports Betting Sites in Canada

  • In order to put real money on matches on esports in rubles, in the dropped window they are installed by default, you just have to enter the amount for one of the teams.
  • Taking into account the coefficient, the calculation of the win will be made. The site uses a floating coefficient, which shows the ratio of bet already made by other players, its value may increase and decrease.
  • Computer games today are not only entertainment for a large number of people, but also a competitive platform within the framework of e-sports. If you agree with the amount of winnings, then press the "Make a bet" button.

Where and How Can I Bet?

  • What is the Internet bet on electronic game sports or in other words e sport bets? It's earnings, permanent and with great opportunities! The basis of earnings is formed by stakes, esports betting, on game esports on the Internet.
  • The way of making money on esport bets is quite simple. All you need is a good study of the teams that will play in the upcoming tournaments and their history and bet on the selected site.
  • Also, on our site you will find constantly updated information and interesting articles about e-sports and the most popular games! Read our blog and keep an eye out for the information!

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  • We have always been inclined to various games and excitement - this is our common core, and now games and shows occupy a serious niche in our lives. Bet on: Dota2, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, World of Tanks, CS: GO - right now!
  • Bonuses are cool. Nobody will give up an additional bonus to your bank. Most bookmakers offer bonuses of various kinds - from "free" rates to bonus real money on the account balance.
  • In addition to classic bookmakers that accept rates for e-sports, there are also specialized e-sports bookmakers with a large number of betting options.