What To Know About Betting At eSports Betting Sites?

Bet Now or Cry Later!

Different Kinds of Betting Odds

There are different kinds of betting odds that are offered at eSports betting sites. These vary in the quantity as well as quality. Match wagering is a term that denotes placing bets on matches, but it can have different significances. For instance, in certain platforms players are allowed to make in-game bets or live wagers. Users can also wager on smaller events that take place within matches which can also provide good returns. These are wagering terms that are complex and need to be monitored as the events change quickly and often at esportzbet.com

Different aspects of eSports wagering

Besides eSports wagering being offered on different games of varied kinds, the quantity of the same is also an important aspect. For instance, certain wagering sites on eSports allow users to bet odds on selective events while others allow games to be bet upon in increasing quantities. There are different kinds of eSports bet categories offered such as:

  • Traditional games are betting.
  • Betting on fantasy games.
  • Social betting.

Legalities and lawfulness of eSports is another aspect. Since wagering with real money requires sites to prove their trustworthiness and lawfulness, this is a question you need to address before you decide to wager real money on a site. Usually, well-established sites have users and players who vouch for the ease of wagering and withdrawals from the sites; their certifications and standards should be easily verified, and it should also follow the regulations as per those set in your country.

Money deposit methods

Besides country-specific regulations, there are several controls and standards that often pertain to eSports sites. ESL is one of the main regulating authorities in this segment, but there are other regulating parties who govern eSports wagering sites depending on the kind of games they offer for wagering.

After credibility aspects of an eSports, the site is judged, you might want to check the deposit methods offered on a site. Most players have preferences in such cases, and it is best to check whether the preferred mode of making deposits is offered along with terms and conditions applicable. Most sites accept debit or credit cards for making payments. Other sites have also started to accept cryptocurrencies. Most eSports sites accept virtual payment modes such as eWallets through which deposits, as well as withdrawals, are done more easily. Other slower but accepted methods of payment are money transfers to bank accounts or wire transfers.

Withdrawal methods

Where possible it is mostly the same method offered to players to withdraw their earnings which they opt to make deposits. Withdrawals are usually paid back within a certain timeframe that differs from 24 to 72 hours to a week maximum; depending on the method opted for. The withdrawal minimum limits are set as per the eSports betting sites rules. Also, if you use any promotional bonus or offers, there are wagering terms that need to be complied with before you can seek a withdrawal.